• Regulatory updates from the NAIC, EIOPA, SEC, and other regulators relevant to investment accounting.
  • Best practices and other considerations relating to investment data operations, based on Clearwater’s extensive experience and client base.
  • News and other updates on the latest innovations in the financial technology sector.
  • Information about, and dispatches from, the most important industry events for institutional investors across the globe.
  • All about Clearwater: what is our company up to, and how can you best engage with our community of users.

Preview: Product Booths at User Conference

Preview: Product Booths at User Conference


We are quickly approaching the 2020 Clearwater User Conference. Have you registered?

As usual, the conference features a variety of sessions tailored to the needs and interests of investment accountants and operations professionals. The only difference in 2020 is that we’ve gone virtual.

Product Booths

We have a lot of exciting things going on at Clearwater. As a cloud-hosted solution, we are able to continually develop and deploy new tools and functionality into our system (in fact, more than half of Clearwater’s 1,000+ staff is R&D-focused, and we re-invest about 26% of our annual revenue into technology improvements).

We want to give conference attendees a closer look at some of our exciting new and forthcoming releases. To do so, we have put together some interactive product booths.

We hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

Fund Look-Through

We recently announced our new Fund Look-Through capabilities. This new solution enables Clearwater users to view underlying assets, including drilling down multiple levels for funds of funds; users can also generate position reports that contain both directly held assets and member securities of a fund in the same view.

Income Forecast

Income Forecast is an automated post-trade tool which helps investment professionals analyze book income, including expected book yields, reinvestment income, accretion/amortization, realized gain/loss, and interest income. Reports are downloadable in spreadsheets, enabling you to dig deeper into the forecasted data for advanced analysis. Learn more about this powerful tool!

Enhanced Statements

This service is being utilized with great success by some of our top clients. Learn how our data and design teams work together to create stunning, branded client statements pulled from your accurate and up-to-date investment data. You’ll save countless hours at month- and period-end, and your clients and reporting constituents will be blown away.

Data as a Service

No one is better than Clearwater when it comes to consolidating investment data. We are excited to give you a sneak peek into our Data as a Service offering. There is much more to come, so be sure to stop by the booth!

Clearwater Marketing

Have you read our newly updated Guide to Non-Traditional Asset Classes? What about Clearwater’s newly published IFRS 9 survey report? Stop by the Marketing booth to grab the latest industry new and analysis, and tell us what topics you would like to learn more about.

Have a Great Conference!

There is a lot to explore and learn at this year’s User Conference. As always, we hope you take away new knowledge, skills, and professional connections that make your job more fulfilling and more successful.

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