With Clearwater, treasury and accounting professionals have the accurate and up-to-date investment data they need at their fingertips.

Clearwater for corporate treasury and accounting.

Accounting for your investment portfolio can be demanding. You have to book journal entries, prepare financial reports and disclosures, reconcile activity and statements, keep up with ever-changing accounting regulations, and much more. Clearwater automates many of these data-related challenges, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

As investments grow, data reconciliation and validation requirements become more complex and difficult to scale. As a result, reconciliation becomes slower, more expensive, and less accurate.

The Clearwater Way

  • Independent third-party data validation between system data, custody bank feeds, and the Clearwater accounting engine
  • Automated validation of cash, positions, transactions, security master data, corporate actions, interest accruals, and more provided every business day 
  • Visibility into accurate and real-time portfolio standings
Clearwater changed the way we report for the better. Reconciliation has been reduced from several hours to 10 minutes, and the time saved is invaluable. Our stakeholders love it, our accounting team loves it, and I would recommend it highly.

Treasury teams often rely on a variety of software systems for their investment accounting processes, but integrating these systems can be difficult, error-prone, and costly.

The Clearwater Way

  • An integrated system for data aggregation, reconciliation, accounting, performance calculation, compliance monitoring, risk analytics, and more
  • Fully managed data connections with custodians, data vendors, index providers, and others
Consolidating with Clearwater allows us to see all our portfolio holdings in one view. We can compare managers and strategies in ways we couldn’t before. Because of the automation, we are able to keep a lean treasury team, while still pursuing new growth strategies.

Accessible and easy-to-read reports are crucial to evaluating investment strategies and meeting regulatory demands, but legacy reporting is often inflexible, difficult to integrate, and limited in format.

The Clearwater Way

  • Integrated reporting for investment policy compliance monitoring, performance measurement, and risk analytics
  • Customizable and flexible reports improve portfolio analysis and provide both high-level and in-depth portfolio views with just the click of a button
  • Investment data is consolidated and validated each day for unparalleled accuracy
With Clearwater, we were able to automate all of our 10-K and SEC disclosure statements so that they're flowing straight through. The data manipulation that we used to have to do was really mind-boggling. So now we're really getting to the point where we have data out of the system that we spend time analyzing rather than just compiling it.

As the size of an investment portfolio increases, daily processes grow more complex and disjointed. As a result, companies lose in-depth control of their data.

The Clearwater Way

  • An integrated system built on one set of daily reconciled and fully validated data
  • Automation provides seamless scalability as the portfolio grows, asset classes are added, personnel changes, new asset manager connections are built, and regulations change
  • Accurate and efficient period-end close process
The power of Clearwater is that in one place we can see all of our key metrics—risk, accounting, performance, and compliance—without spending time pulling data from multiple sources, aggregating it and reconciling it. Our time is spent executing and discussing strategy.

Customer service is a key component for any technology, but support for many investment accounting systems is often slow to respond, expensive, and frustrating.

The Clearwater Way

  • Clearwater's dedicated client services personnel are an extension of clients' investment and accounting teams
  • Industry and system experts with in-depth knowledge of industry challenges provide unlimited support and training
  • Timely responsiveness from a dedicated team who proactively monitor and address potential issues before they become problems
Clearwater’s client service team has been a great resource for us. In addition to being industry experts, they’re highly responsive to our questions and concerns. The work ethic and overall culture of the company is very impressive.

Corporations Trust Clearwater

It’s incredibly convenient to track all of our investment accounts in the same portal. Clearwater’s web interface is user-friendly and provides customized reporting that quickly allows me to view the data I need.
When we decided to set up relationships with our asset managers, they considered Clearwater to be the go-to tool, and we know why. It’s user-friendly, it consolidates our data, and it makes our month-end closes much more efficient. We would definitely recommend it.
Clearwater changed the way we report for the better. Reconciliation has been reduced from several hours to 10 minutes, and the time saved is invaluable. Our stakeholders love it, our accounting team loves it, and I would recommend it highly.

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