With Clearwater, investment and accounting professionals can do their jobs more efficiently and with greater accuracy than ever before.

A web-based solution for investment accounting and reporting.

Clearwater’s integrated system for investment accounting and reporting automates key operational tasks and helps treasury and accounting teams create more efficient and accurate processes.

As the investment portfolio grows and changes, data reconciliation and validation requirements become more complex and difficult to scale. As a result, reconciliation becomes slower, more expensive, and less accurate.

The Clearwater Way

  • Independent third-party data validation between system data, custody bank feeds, and the Clearwater accounting engine
  • Automated validation of cash, positions, transactions, security master data, corporate actions, interest accruals, and more provided every business day 
  • Visibility into accurate and real-time portfolio standings
The daily reconciliation of our data greatly enhances our investment reporting and management capabilities. Having a clear and accurate picture of our portfolio allows us to make the best informed decisions for our organization.

Insurers rely on a variety of software systems for their investment accounting processes, but integrating these systems can be difficult, error-prone, and costly.

The Clearwater Way

  • Integrated reporting for book of record accounting, investment policy compliance monitoring, performance measurement, and risk analytics
  • Data connections to hundreds of custodians, investment managers, brokers, order management systems, and third-party security master data vendors
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency
The Clearwater system is the kind of software I would have designed for investment accounting on my own. It has everything you need: data, general ledger interface, automation, quality accounting, reporting, and accuracy. The expertise that went into designing the Clearwater system is parallel to none, and it’s been a giant leap forward for us.

Legacy investment accounting and reporting systems can’t adapt to changing regulatory reporting requirements. Producing them manually is inefficient and difficult to do accurately.

The Clearwater Way

  • Clearwater’s automated and customizable reporting seamlessly incorporates new rules and standards so insurers know their regulatory reports are up-to-date on current guidance 
  • We proactively adapt the system according to changing guidance from the NAIC, FASB, SEC, EIOPA, BMA, IASB, and more
  • Investment accountants can focus on portfolio analysis rather than researching changing regulations and developing manual workarounds
Clearwater took great care of us and immediately showed its value even beyond the solution with the people who provide regulatory expertise and service. The people are so helpful and knowledgeable and it has been eye-opening to see how much more we can do with Clearwater!

Insurers exploring non-traditional asset classes encounter intricate and unfamiliar accounting and reporting considerations.

The Clearwater Way

  • A multi-asset class and multi-currency solution enabling insurers to proactively change or adapt their investment strategy, no matter how complex or non-traditional the asset
  • Constantly evolving with client needs and industry changes
  • Support and guidance in defining accounting and reporting best practices for new and complex asset classes
We’re very impressed with Clearwater’s extremely knowledgeable team; they’ve even educated us on complex asset classes’ statutory reporting. We had high expectations of Clearwater because of their reputation as an industry leader. From implementation onwards they’ve exceeded our expectations, especially with their forward-thinking dedication to the insurance industry.

Customer service is a key component for any technology, but support for many investment accounting systems is often slow to respond, expensive, and frustrating.

The Clearwater Way

  • Clearwater's dedicated client services personnel are an extension of clients' investment and accounting teams
  • Industry and system experts with in-depth knowledge of insurers’ challenges provide unlimited support and training
  • Timely responsiveness from a dedicated team who proactively monitor and address potential issues before they become problems
I tell everyone that Clearwater by far exceeds anything out there in the marketplace today. Beyond the fantastic system, Clearwater’s client services’ enthusiasm is absolutely contagious, and they are a great educational resource to help us understand how and why things move in the market. Our workload was transformed from relying on IT professionals to solve technology problems to collaborating with Clearwater, as coworkers and trusted experts.

Insurers Trust Clearwater

The Clearwater implementation was the best I’ve been involved in. Clearwater stayed in control and on track throughout the project, even though it was very complex. They did a good job of keeping everyone up-to-date. We really value the amount of time and effort Clearwater puts into staying ahead of the curve, rather than sitting back and waiting. They are constantly looking to make enhancements for us, so we can spend our time analyzing our portfolio rather than implementing and testing software.
The first thing that struck me about Clearwater was its reporting capabilities. We can customize reports to our precise needs, even for our portfolio with derivatives and other complex investments. As Clearwater has continued to evolve and add new reporting capabilities, we gain more and more value from it.
We acquire firms worldwide, all of them utilizing diverse systems and processes for investment accounting and reporting. We rely on Clearwater to standardize this process in a way that is scalable so we can continue to acquire and reduce the challenges of integrating acquisitions.
Our prior manual processes were time-consuming and cumbersome. We can now focus on analyzing our portfolio at a higher level and in a timely manner.
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