What do we do? In the simplest terms, Clearwater is an automated data aggregation and reporting solution for investment portfolio data.

Clearwater aggregates our clients’ investment data, validates and reconciles that data, and makes it easy to analyze and report on. All of this is done on a daily basis, giving our clients the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

With Clearwater, the people accounting for and managing investments can do their jobs more efficiently and with greater accuracy than ever before.

Automated Data Aggregation and Validation

Automation is the core of the Clearwater system. Clearwater has established hundreds of data connections to custodian banks, investment managers, brokers, order management systems, and third-party security master data vendors that automatically pull in data every morning.

Data Validation

Along with data aggregation, Clearwater also automatically validates and reconciles portfolio data. Each day, cash, positions, transactions, and other data points between the various data sources are reconciled and checked against security master and other internally generated system data. Additional analytics use this validated data set to give users even more insight into their portfolio activity.

Through automation and dedicated client servicing, users’ investment data is aggregated and reconciled each day. This constant data upkeep gives Clearwater clients the confidence that they are basing strategic investment decisions on accurate and up-to-date data, and facilitates efficient and scalable reporting processes and period-ends.

Investment Accounting

Clearwater’s daily reconciliation, flexible reporting, and general ledger capabilities ensure that period-end close processes are efficient and accurate.

Clearwater’s accounting tools were built with the flexibility to handle multiple currencies and multiple asset classes (from simple to complex). The system provides customized general ledger entries for investment reporting in multiple accounting bases, including GAAP, Statutory, Tax, IFRS, and others. A suite of standardized reports automate relevant investment-related disclosures such as Fair Value Hierarchy and Level 3 Roll-forward.

Clearwater is also a flexible reporting system so disclosure reports and other standard balance sheet-, income statement-, and roll forward-related reports can be easily customized to provide the detailed accounting information investment accountants need.

Integrated Reporting Tools

The result of Clearwater’s automated data feeds and daily reconciliation of clients’ investment data is the most clean and accurate portfolio data set possible, enriched with third-party data and additional analytics to give users greater insight and transparency into their portfolio.

This data set feeds a variety of integrated reporting tools for investment policy compliance monitoring, performance measurement, and risk analytics.

Clearwater’s integrated reporting platform is available anytime, anywhere, and features shareable reports, custom dashboards, and other views for unprecedented portfolio transparency.

Compliance Policy Monitoring

Clearwater users set custom controls to monitor compliance according to their investment policies and standard state regulations. All investment activity is checked against those controls daily, and tracked at the security level. Compliance can be tracked across multiple policies, and notifications are automatically sent if there is a violation. Any compliance policy changes or resolutions can also be documented and referenced for internal audits.

Performance Measurement

Clearwater enables investors to compare separate accounts, set custom benchmarks, and track the overall performance of their portfolios. Custom performance reports and return calculations are available and designed to meet applicable GIPS calculation standards for investment managers. Users have the capability to drill down into the underlying performance return data at the security level and track performance attribution per portfolio.

Risk Analytics

Clearwater offers insightful risk analytics to ensure investors have access to their portfolios’ exposure every day, not just at month-end. Our web-based risk monitoring solution provides access to critical financial and investment portfolio risk information so users are able to quickly answer pressing risk-related questions, including exposures by issuer, currency, country, duration, credit rating, and more. Users can also view benchmark comparisons and analyze other risk factors, including cash flow forecasting, credit events, shock analysis, value at risk (VaR), and historical trends and exposures.

A User-Friendly Solution

Our web-based solution allows clients to view their portfolio data from anywhere with an internet connection. Clearwater’s intuitive, easy-to-use site allows investment accountants and professionals to view high-level portfolio information, and quickly drill into portfolio specifics. Clearwater also creates automated feeds to other systems, such as order management systems, data warehouses, enterprise resourced planning (ERP) systems, and others, for better system integration.

Clearwater is accessible anytime, from anywhere. Easy-to-read reports and dashboards are quickly created, saved, customized, and shared so teams can collaborate and users can quickly provide stakeholders with the exact data they need.

Business-Specific Tools

Our clients use Clearwater to solve a variety of investment data-related challenges. These challenges vary according to regulatory requirements and business models, and we offer tools specifically built for a variety of unique needs. A few of these tools include:

  • Statutory accounting support for insurance companies, including robust Schedule D reporting
  • Client portal, period-end statement processing, composite management, and many other tools for investment managers
  • Regulatory reporting for a variety of business-types (NAIC, IFRS, Solvency II, and others)
  • Asset impairment analyses and write-downs
  • Investment policy compliance monitoring with automatic status notifications
  • General ledger functionality
  • Cash flow forecasting

Clearwater provides a variety of industry-specific tools to solve common data-related challenges, and helps organizations establish operational best practices for data management and reporting.

Exceptional Client Service

All clients have a dedicated service team of market experts. These teams guide new clients through implementation, offer unlimited system training, and provide ongoing process support for clients with specific needs.

Clearwater Glossary


Automated feeds that collect data from a variety of disparate sources and into a single platform. (E.g., custodian data, trading system data, security master data, etc.)


Using innovative software to make complex processes run automatically. Clearwater was developed to replace manual portfolio data entry and analysis processes.


Each day, Clearwater performs an initial arithmetic check on data pulled from custodian banks. Using data characteristics from third-party sources, Clearwater then independently reconstructs the portfolio composition to predict portfolio activity, and reconciles cash, position, and transaction information back to the custodian.


Tools for a variety of investment accounting and reporting needs are accessed on a single software platform. All Clearwater tools draw from a single set of validated portfolio data so they are consistent and accurate.


To verify accuracy and consistency between different data sources. Clearwater reconciles cash, positions, transactions, interest income, dividends, pricing, and other data between custodian banks, trading systems, and the Clearwater system.


To check for accuracy and consistency of data between a variety of sources. Clearwater users can choose which third-party data the system uses to validate their portfolio data.


A software solution that is accessed through an internet web browser. Clearwater’s software-as-a-service solution is web-based.


Clearwater is built using cloud computing technology, the foundation for a category of software known as software-as-a-service (SaaS). With Clearwater, there is nothing to install and no upgrades to worry about. Clearwater stores data on a “private cloud” of our own secure data warehouses, minimizing our clients’ security and maintenance responsibilities, as well as IT infrastructure costs. And, because Clearwater is deployed and accessed via the internet, the system is updated seamlessly, with no interruption of service or burden on you, which is not true of traditional on-premises software.

Clearwater’s SaaS platform continuously evolves as market requirements change, clients share challenges, and new opportunities are discovered. Our web-based platform enables us to release monthly deployments of new tools and updates. By continuously and strategically growing, we are committed to making Clearwater an appreciating asset for our clients.