September 12-14, 2019 | Boise, Idaho


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Clearwater Presenters

Sam Hobbs, CPA

Product Owner, Accounting
Clearwater Analytics

Sam ensures the Clearwater solution is in compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines. Since joining Clearwater in 2013, Sam has worked closely with industry experts, client services team leads, and the Clearwater development team to implement enhancements and new features to ensure the Clearwater system remains best-in-class.

Prior to joining Clearwater, Sam was an audit manager at PwC in Atlanta. He worked closely with clients in the insurance, investment management, and real estate industries as a member of the financial services group.

Sam is a certified public accountant and has a bachelor’s in accounting from Brigham Young University.

Sam is an avid golfer. He especially enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his wife and four boys.

Rhead Hatch, CPA

Product Owner, Accounting
Clearwater Analytics

Rhead ensures that Clearwater’s investment accounting module is up-to-date with current compliance requirements and maintains accounting basis guidelines. Rhead helps implement new accounting functions into the Clearwater system and assists developers with outlining new product enhancements.

Rhead has been a part of the Clearwater team for 11 years and has worked directly with many Fortune 500 companies to integrate Clearwater’s accounting product into their processes.

Rhead has a master’s in accounting with a specialty in tax and a bachelor’s in accounting from Boise State University. 

Ben Christensen

Corporate Treasury Market Specialist
Clearwater Analytics

Ben joined Clearwater in 2014 and serves as a Corporate Treasury Market Specialist. In this role, Ben provides technical knowledge of relevant market changes, updates, and insights into how the Clearwater product offering solves market-specific challenges. Prior to this position, Ben worked within the Client Services department and helped users optimize their use of the Clearwater solution. 

Ben is a guitarist with a deep appreciation for acoustic blues music and enjoys attending concerts. He has lived seven years of his life in foreign countries and speaks Spanish fluently. Ben has a bachelor's degree in international relations from Brigham Young University. 

Rebecca Beasley-Cockroft

Product Owner, Data
Clearwater Analytics

Rebecca is a Product Owner for software development of data acquisition and integrity at Clearwater. In this role, Rebecca is responsible for the research and implementation of new features and enhancements directly related to Clearwater’s data sets and reconciliation tools.

Rebecca has a bachelor’s in mathematics and Spanish literature from Dartmouth College.

Emily Brawley, CPA

Insurance Division Lead

Emily helps Clearwater insurance clients improve the efficiency and accuracy of their investment and accounting operations and processes, and ensures that they are optimizing their use of the Clearwater solution. Emily’s experience working closely with insurers gives her a unique view into their industry-related challenges, best practices, and trends. Prior to her role as the head of Clearwater’s insurance client servicing, Emily worked as both an account manager and team lead for a number of large and complex Clearwater insurance clients. She has extensive experience in asset types, multi-currency support with multiple exchange rate sources, upstream and downstream system integration, and complex accounting and close processes.

Emily is a volunteer on the national level for the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA) and serves as a member on the e-Learning committee and membership committee. Emily also serves as the Strategic Chair of the e-Learning Committee for the 2017/2018 IASA year. Emily has spoken at several regional IASA conferences, and she is frequently sought after because of her accounting and insurance expertise. Emily recently made the short list for the Waters’ Women in Technology and Data Awards 2018.

Emily is a certified public accountant and has a master’s in accountancy and a bachelor’s in accounting and finance from Gonzaga University. Outside of work, you can find Emily waterskiing or wakeboarding on one of Idaho’s lakes or reservoirs. She is a die-hard bulldog and continues to cheer on the Zags!

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