Impairment Analysis

Impacts of Current Volatility

Volatile. Paradigm-shifting. Unprecedented. These seem to be the words and characterizations closest at hand for those trying to make sense of the current COVID-19-induced market upheaval.

What do ongoing credit and market losses mean for asset impairments? How are top corporations and investment managers evolving their approach to impairments analysis (in the short term), and their CECL implementation (in the long term)? What are the key considerations for specific securities?

Listen to the webinar recording and hear the panel of industry practitioners discuss:

  • How institutional investors are thinking about impairments in the current environment 
  • Specific security types
  • Considerations toward a more conservative approach to impairment and allowance decisions
  • Evaluation metrics and processes for impairments and allowances

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how the events of Q1 2020 are impacting how investors think about impairments
  • Hear recommendations for impairment evaluations and cadences in the current environment
  • Understand how key metrics for impairment analysis are evolving

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Featured Presenters

Wheatley  Garner

Wheatley Garner

Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Global Insurance Solutions

Wheatley Garner, Executive Director, is a member of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Global Insurance Solutions team. His role is to provide subject matter expertise and analysis on insurance regulation and global accounting standards that impact clients’ investment strategies and financial reporting requirements. He also oversees J.P. Morgan’s investment accounting outsourcing business, which complements the firm’s broader investment management solutions, and separately, is active with notable industry groups that help to improve the interaction between insurance regulators, standard-setters and insurance companies. Prior to joining J.P. Morgan, Wheatley was an accounting manager at AIG, where he oversaw the investment accounting division for the firm’s property & casualty operations in North America and holds a B.S. in Accounting from Kutztown University.

Mark Celaya

Mark Celaya

Former Chief Investment Officer, Oracle Corporation

Mark served as Chief Investment Officer at Oracle Corporation.  He built the company’s corporate cash investment function to handle its growth from $6 billion to $60 billion.  This involved implementing new portfolio and analytic systems and staffing the revamped function with new hires to meet its revised mandate.  Additionally, he managed the sale of more than $30 billion of securities in order to fund Oracle’s stock repurchase program.  He also served on Oracle’s 401K committee helping to oversee employee retirement saving programs.  As a senior finance executive with extensive Fortune 100 experience, he has worn several hats including managing foreign exchange risk at HP, issuing debt for Nissan, analyzing customer credit risks at Sony Pictures, managing cash at Disney, and investing in equity real estate for Prudential’s principal account.

He received his MBA from Stanford and a B.S. in Finance & Business Economics from the University of Southern California.  He lives in Reno, Nevada with his son and enjoys being close to Lake Tahoe.

Josh Petersen

Josh Petersen

Enterprise Solutions Specialist,

Josh works with insurers to identify their investment accounting and reporting needs and find solutions to improve their system architecture and processes. He specializes in investment accounting, derivatives, and alternative assets. He has been with Clearwater since 2015. Prior to joining Clearwater, Josh worked for Northwest Tax Accounting, CPA.

In Josh’s free time, he likes to spend time boating and biking with his wife and two children.

Josh has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Boise State University.

Laray Stoffels

Laray Stoffels

Solutions Consultant,

Laray is a Solutions Consultant at Clearwater Analytics focusing on large partner relationships within the asset management space. In this role, Laray works with various members of Clearwater’s sales team to help provide solutions and best practices to prospective clients using the Clearwater system. 

Laray has been with Clearwater since August 2017. She began her career at Clearwater as a Client Services analyst in the Investment Management space before moving to an Account Management position. Laray spent the last year as an Implementation Specialist managing the onboarding of asset managers and corporate clients in Clearwater’s Global Delivery division. The hands-on experience from both a client servicing and implementation perspective has provided Laray with the expertise needed to bring value during the sales process for prospective clients.

Laray graduated from Boise State University with Bachelors of Business Administration degrees in finance and marketing.